Mel (lea_ysaye) wrote in parker_blue,

Convention things

More DragonCon goodies have emerged. There's a six-part video from the Evening at Bree party, starting here with Part 1. Many thanks for Jamila for the heads-up. Then there's loads and loads and loads of images in a flickr album here.

Craig's agency has new photos of him online, two of them in hi-res. You can see them here. Many thanks to Claudia for that.

And last but not least, the RingCon programme for next weekend is online now. PDF is here. Craig's panels are Friday, 8.45pm, with Mark Ferguson, Lori Dungey and Jarl Benzon and Sunday, 3.30pm, with Mark. According to Claudia at, Craig will also assist Mark in his acting workshop, and during her panel(s) Lori will screen her latest spoof-film "Mrs Bracegirdle's Adventures in Therapy", in which Craig has a part as well. Watch the trailer for that here. Heh. :)
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