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This and that

No updates in a while, my apologies. There are still some Legend of the Seeker screencaps to come, but I haven't gotten round to them yet.

I do have a few other goodies, though: The first full trailer for Spartacus: Blood and Sand was screened at San Diego Comi Con. You can watch the trailer here. The show will air in the US from January 2010, and Craig is playing Glaber, a Roman Legate.

Craig and Renato Bartolomei spent a weekend with sick kids for the Cure Kids Ticket To Hope weekend in June. There are two articles about it here and here.

There was also a mention of Craig in an article on Michael Jackson's death a few weeks ago: The science of dead celebrities. I must say, when that headline popped up in my inbox under the keyword Craig Parker I had a mini heart attack. But don't worry, Craig is well. He is merely used as an example of a lesser-known celebrity with a devoted fanbase.

You might want to go to this site and search for Craig Parker, there are a few very nice pictures to be found. Look for the ones from 14 April...

And then there's also a new website of interest: Claduia from the German Craig fansite has created a site for Mark Ferguson,
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