Mel (lea_ysaye) wrote in parker_blue,

This and that

I emailed the ATC to enquire why Craig pulled out of God of Carnage. The email I got back didn't go into any detail, but it says this: Regrettably Craig Parker has decided to withdraw from GOD OF CARNAGE, so that he can pursue film work. No info yet on this, but I'll keep you updated on anything I hear about this "film work".

I found this site: NZ on Screen and they have a page on Gloss, the 80s series Craig appeared in. Go via that link and you can watch the very first episode of the series. Sadly, Craig is not in it, but it's still interesting to see, even if just for the bad hair. ;)

Allegedly, Diplomatic Immunity is supposed to start in NZ this month. I can't find any air dates yet, but you'll be the first to know when I do!

And, for all French speaking fans of Legend of the Seeker, here is a French fan site for the show.
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