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Because it has come up today, and because there are quite a few new faces in the fandom, now that Craig is doing new shows and films I thought it time for a little PSA:

This website is unofficial and fan-run, meaning that neither does Craig read it or knows (much) about it, to my knowledge. I am not related to Craig and I don't know him personally, nor do I know anyone who does. What I post on this site is information that is either freely available online or gets sent to me by people who acquire information and pictures. I am indebted to all those wonderful individuals, without whom this website could not exist. I do credit everybody who makes a contribution, unless they ask me not to. Everything I do not credit for I have found/purchased myself.

Doing a website is a lot of work, but I love it still, after all these years. I have the slight advantage that I work in marketing and have had a lot of experience with PR over the year, so I know how to search effectively and how to make good contacts. But mostly, it's my fondness for the man that keeps me going. And of course all of you, because it's just no fun if there's nobody to share with. :)

I don't require you to credit me or the website for every single picture you take from here. It is of course much appreciated if you give a quick mention to the site. Feel free to use images for icons etc, unless expressly stated not to. However, don't nick fan reports or pictures from events, as these are posted with their owner's permission only on for site.

As for the Live Journal community that goes with this website, it serves the double purpose of archiving posts and having a kind of "feed" for people's friends pages. It is not meant to replace or outperform any communities, and only I can post to it (as it's just duplicating what I post to the website here).

If you have any questions, please just ask. :)
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